Recycled plastic posts

palen kunststof

Recycled plastic posts & bollards from KLP® are strong, molestation resistant, sustainable, durable and require no maintenance. The lifetime of plastic posts is 10 times the lifetime of wood. And the colour and surface structure perfectly fit the street scene and neighbourhood.

We offer a wide range of recycled plastic posts in various designs and sizes. For example: diamond head bollards and also round and square posts with or without base point.

The KLP® Diamond Head Bollard is probably the best known product from this range. These are used as marking posts for car parks or as bollards near bridges and sidewalks. Recycled plastic diamond head bollards are an excellent solution to the control of vehicle movement whilst allowing the free movement of pedestrians, thus increasing public safety.

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recycled plastic posts
Recycled plastic posts
Recycled plastic posts & bollards from KLP® are strong, sustainable & maintenance free. Find out more.