Recycled plastic landing stages & jetties

recycled plastic decking

Recycled plastic decking from KLP® has the charm and processability of wood and the lifetime of plastics. The recycled decking material has an expected technical lifetime of at least 50 years and is maintenance free. Calculated over the whole technical lifespan, you are better off financially with KLP®.

With the following parts you can construct a KLP® recycled plastic landing: KLP® Deck, KLP® Cross-supports, KLP Struts, KLP Cross-beams, KLP® Steel reinforced beams and KLP® Pile heads. All in all a landing completely made from KLP®, how durable can it get!

Compared to wood KLP® plastic is utterly safe as the recycled plastic material does not splinter and its anti slip properties up to twice as good, especially in wet weather conditions. We produce KLP® recycled plastic decking parts that allows you to walk around carefree, even barefoot.
As well as offering a complete range of individual components for constructions, such as landing stages, we offer a complete design engineering solution for which we have our own project managers with the right know-how. Read more

For more information on possibilities and applications please contact us via telephone number +31 (0)515 - 487 630.

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Landing stage & Marine decking
Want to construct a landing stage with marine decking? KLP® plastic is safe, sustainable & maintenance free!