Recycled plastic fenders

marine fenders

Recycled plastic fenders from KLP®-PE have the appearance and processability of wood and the lifetime of plastics. KLP® does not rot or splinter, it does not require maintenance and contains no poisonous substances. KLP®-PE plastic fenders can be applied to timber staging, fender piling, quay edges and buffer edges. KLP®-PE marine fenders are durable and they will not leave black marks behind on the hull. The elastic material has excellent damping properties and will help absorb the collision energy.

Our range offers various sizes of marine fenders that fit existing UNP profiles. It is also possible to supply a steel reinforced version offering longer individual spans. We advise and produce in line with the guidelines of Ministry of Waterways and Public Works and the well-known Dutch testing institute TNO test our marine fenders on impact-resistance, elasticity and lifetime. You can count on the quality and sustainability achieved from a top-quality product. Besides that our plastic fenders are perfectly suitable for applications beyond marine engineering, they can for instance be applied as buffer edges on the walls in dock shelters.

Should there be less stringent requirements, the marine fenders can be supplied in standard KLP®-compound as well. For more information please contact us via telephone number +31(0)515 - 487 630.


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marine fender
Marine fenders
Marine fenders for timber staging, fender piling, quay edges? Wear resistant & sustainable? We gladly advise!